The winter arsenal

Addressing vitamin D deficiency may reduce the incidence of flu by up to 50%

I’ve certainly discussed this before but even though it is widely talked about, very few of us are doing anything about it. Our kids are far more likely to be vitamin D deficient than vaccine deficient. Constantly emerging evidence questions the effectiveness of flu vaccines. Keep in mind that as recently as 2009/2010 our Government signed contacts for 90 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine (like Tamiflu) that wasn’t necessary, didn’t work and was potentially dangerous. The only clinical trials were industry led and even though they showed bias towards the vaccines were still shown to be mostly ineffective.

And yet we have inexpensive, scientifically effective, safe forms of flu protection readily available. Simply addressing vitamin D deficiency can reduce the incidence of flu by 50%. Not only that but the only side effects are beneficial ones because of the universal action of vitamin D on our bodies. Add to that other nutrients that are immune supportive and you begin to have a protective winter arsenal. Here’s what I’d do (please note children’s dose may be smaller)

Vitamin D – 2 drops/4000iu per day – You may need higher dose for a deficiency*

Vitamin C – 1’000mg/one pack per day

Garlic/Allicin – 1-3 capsules a day for maintenance. Up to 12 per day on first sign of infection

We also make a stunning winter wellness drink with apple cider vinegar and a host of aromatic ingredients. Happy to share on request.