Coronavirus update

Jamie and I are taking the following precautions within our practice in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Every day the situation itself is changing so we are monitoring the government guidelines daily. The website can be found here.

It’s a priority for us to keep ourselves updated and well informed of the daily changes.

We are restricting our own visits to public places.

Consulting rooms are deep cleaned but as of today we won’t be seeing any clients face to face.

We are offering the option of online consultations as an alternative to face to face. If you feel well enough and would like to work online instead, you are welcome to do so.

If we feel for any reason, we have the onset of symptoms we will self-isolate, cancel any consultations and inform all our clients. Symptom details can be found here

We’ll update our clients with any changes that we feel is important for them to know.

If you have any concerns regarding Coronavirus, please feel free to contact either of us.

Keep well people and look out for your neighbours.